About us

A team of three professionals and friends with common affinities and complementary skills

Thierry CARRETERO  has a passion for art and interior design since childhood.
Thierry CARRETERO simultaneously led a career as an antique dealer and interior designer with his wife Nicole.

Recognized by his peers, especially in Europe and the United States, Thierry CARRETERO loves creating both classic and contemporary interiors, freely mixing centuries, cleverly, tastefully, and boldly, always meeting the requests, wishes and lifestyle of his clients. The result offers a strong and elegant decor, without neglecting the comfort and functionality required by modern life for private or business clients.

It should be noted that Thierry CARRETERO edits his own lighting and furniture collection for about fifteen years, thereby enriching his interiors with an inventive touch, games of textures and craftsmanship. These creations, as well as antique objects, are presented in his own gallery located in Nîmes (South of France).

Frédéric ORTEGA, lawyer and attorney in real estate transactions, and Marion BOURA, jurist and chairwoman of CSBO Property & Design company, are working together for ten years.

Both have started their carrier with a notary qualification, before becoming a lawyer and then improving in real estate fields.

This wide range of skills and knowledge allows them to respond to all types of requests like administrative, juridic or tax subjects, town planning authorizations, real estate law or condominium advice, supervision of the good compliance of construction law or any other business or legal matters.

Moreover, Frédéric ORTEGA and Marion BOURA manage CSBO PROPERTY & DESIGN business, as well as relationship with all partners.

Interior designer


Interior designer and founding partner

Lawyer and attorney

Frédéric ORTEGA

Expert in real estate transactions and founding partner

Jurist & Chairwoman

Marion BOURA

Chairwoman and founding partner

Holder of professional card number CPI30022023000000025, issued by the CCI Du GARD. Professional civil liability ALLIANZ IARD, located 1 Cours Michelet 92076 PARIS LA DEFENSE CEDEX France.

Titulaire de la carte professionnelle numéro CPI30022023000000025, délivrée par la CCI Du GARD.
Responsabilité civile Professionnelle ALLIANZ IARD.